Marathon Training

Yesterday I officially started training for the New York City Marathon. 

I have a long way to go since my legs don’t move yet, but I had to start somewhere, and for me, somewhere is at the outpatient rehabilitation center in Monroe, North Carolina.  We are going to be doing electrical stimulation, horse back riding (if I can get a time slot), the hand bike (an exercise machine pedaled by hand) and whatever else these creative therapists come up with. I am totally psyched for a few reasons.  First of all these therapists are so on board with pushing all the limits.  Unlike some I’ve had to put up with, these therapists believe people can keep getting better!  The best thing is this:  My once completely paralyzed left arm has most (if not all) of its neurology back in tact, so now it’s just a matter of strengthening it!! 

 Did you get that??  A once completely paralyzed limb is no longer paralyzed!  How many times have we heard that this is impossible?  So if I can get my arm back, why not my legs? My trunk is also coming back.  We didn’t have time to evalute the my trunk or lower body yesterday, but everything has improved. Even my once useless fingers and hand measured in the functional range for movement and strength.

I’m going back tomorrow and will be going three days a week until school starts, and then I’ll probably cut back to twice a week plus the equine therapy.  On top of that, I will continue making visits to Pittsburgh for the light and sound therapy.  Additionally, we are discussing the possibility of stem cell therapy.  Stem cells would be extracted from my own bone marrow and then replaced into my spinal cord.  I’m not sure when this would happen, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

This is really starting to feel like the home stretch, maybe an extended one, but the home stretch nonetheless.  So please keep praying!  That’s how we’ve gotten this far and that’s how we’ll get to the finish line (of the New York City Marathon).


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. WOW Kelly i’m so impressed. With the incredible fighting spirit you have and having already completed a marathon the likes of which most atheletes wouldn’t be able to keep with, I know you’ll do it. And i will be there to cheer you on!


  2. Hey sister

    It was a great time to be with you, Ryan Josh, Alexa and Josiah.
    What most people dont know is how much you have suffered. God has made you and your family amazing! What a witness of how good Jesus Christ is and what He can do with a life.

    Tell Josiah……….I hope to see him some day soon……..and that he has a GREAT name



  3. Wow Kelly so excited for you we’ll keep you in our prayers hugs to you always Robert, Sylvia, RJ, Breanna

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