Running Together

I got the idea to run in the New York marathon in December of 1995.  I was being wheeled out of ICU on a gurney and as I passed the neurologist I said, “Don’t worry.  You’ll see me run in the New York marathton someday.”  He wasn’t convinced.

It wasn’t until recently that I went public with this declaration of faith.  I get a variety of responses when I say things like that.  Some people look at me in disbelief, some feel sorry for me, but most join their faith with mine and pray even more.  I got one response, though, that I didn’t expect at all.  When my cousin, Karen, heard of my dream she said, “I want to run with you.” 

 “That’s nice,” I thought. 

 She wasn’t whistling Dixie.  She went to church and started talking to a friend who has run marathons and told him of our plan.  He gave her a concerned look and asked,”Do you really think she’ll be able to do that?”

“You don’t know my cousin,” she answered flatly.

She knows me.  We’re a little bit alike.  They call it being “hard headed” where we’re from.  Once we’ve made up our mind about something, you better have God on your side in a convincing way if your going to try and talk us out of it.  She said she would run with me and that’s exactly what she’s set out to do.   She actually started training!  Lubbock, Texas isn’t the easiest place to run, either.  It’s hot, windy and prone to dust storms.  Up ’til now, she’s never been a runner.  Somehow, though, my faith ignited hers and she took off.  She recently ran her first 5k and is planning for her first marathon in the fall.  She may be getting a head start, but we have faith that we will run together someday.

This has turned into something that neither of us  could have predicted.  Every time she runs it’s intercession for me and at the same time, she’s gotten a whole new dimension in her relationship with God as well as gaining an independence she’s never had.  God is so good!

That’s how He loves to work…in us and through relationships.  It’s a beautiful thing when the Body of Christ works the way God intended.  He gives some of us the vision, and others the ability to run with it, and then He causes great things to happen and He gets the glory. 

I love His ways.  I love His Body and the way we’re all connected. I’m so blessed to have so many people running alongside me!


One thought on “Running Together

  1. okay girl,
    you threw me for a loop! I never expected to be apart of your blog. It means the world to me. You just do not know how much it has touched me. You have given me the reason to go on. I haven’t felt like I can. My knee has been in some pain. What do I know about pain. I have been told to stay off it for two weeks and ice it. I can cross train. I will do this run in Nov. Just keep praying for me. You do not know how much you are loved. Karen

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