Death is Swallowed in Victory

Right now I would  normally be writing an update on my health, but that’s just not on my mind.  Last Sunday we were praparing for our trip to Pittsburgh to visit the doctor.  Josiah always stays with Tom and Kitty Hinkle and their four boys.  He had never been away from me until I started going to this doctor.  He was aprhensive at first, but because of Tom and Kitty and their huge hearts for children, he was now looking forward to staying away from home.

While we were packing, we received a call that Tom had just died of a heart attack.  The news was so shocking and the ramifications so devestating that I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it.  Tom worked from home and Kitty homeschooled the boys.  They were about as close as a family can get.  The boys were accustomed to playing with their dad in the middle of the afternoon when most dads are away at work.  He loved his family and took time to build it.  His absence would be a glaring one for both family and friends alike.

Unfortunatly, I was in Pittsburgh during the viewing and memorial service, but I wanted to share the incredible report I heard about it.  The night of the viewing a storm hit both the church and the Hinkle’s home knocking out power and causing small amounts of damage.  The viewing had to be postponed until the next day and the Hinkle’s had to stay the night with friends.  It seemed like the enemy was kicking them while they were down, but God would get the final word.

 The next morning the viewing was held as scheduled and the service began on time.  The Hinkle’s were surrounded by family, both spiritual and natural.  In a move of incredible grace and bravery, Kitty spoke at her husband’s funeral, reassuring those gathered that Tom was safe in the Father’s arms.  At Kitty’s request, an altar call was given at the end of the service and 31 people gave their lives to the Lord.  I couldn’t help but think of this scripture:

John 12:24 (Whole Chapter)
I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

Nothing will take away the pain of missing Tom, but there is such comfort in knowing that God answered our prayers to bring something beautiful out of this tragedy.  Praise and honor to our faithful God and all of His love and mercy to the Hinkles.


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