A God Not Bound By Time

I love going for prayer and just getting saturated in the presence of God.  We went to a church for a short time that had no prayer teams, and it really made me appreciate it even more.  God loves to move through His people.  He always shows up!  I’ve been prayed for probably thousands of times over the last eleven and a half years, and each time the Lord has met me.  Sometimes the annointing is so strong that I can’t believe I’m not walking by the time we’re finished!

We had one of those prayer times this Sunday.  God showed up, like always, and did an invisible work.  For some reason, with me, I never get to see what He’s doing at the time we are praying.  I’ve learned though, that God never wastes His annointing.  It’s like when His word goes forth.  It will always accomplish that for which it was sent.  I’ve also learned that sometimes, we ask Him to come, and He does, but for reasons other than we understand.  Sometimes I feel sorry for the people praying for me because they know God is doing something and they so badly want to see it right then, but with me, it has never happened right then, but it shows up later.

Yesterday I went to therapy.  One of the therapists stretched me out as always.  I’m naturally extremely flexible, but my left leg has always had problems.  When I was a baby, my left hip was out of sockcet, so I was braced to cause it to go back into place.  As I grew, that leg never grew or worked properly because the hamstring was really tight.  It caused me to limp a little and eventually I had surgery when I was 10.  I’m not sure how much the surgery helped because the hamstring was still tight and eventually led to scoliosis.  Even as a small child, I was not able to sit with my legs straight out in front of me.  My left leg has always had to be bent.  It couldn’t be forced either becuse then it felt like my hamstring would rip!

I’ve never been able to sit like that, until yesterday!  The therapist had to hold my knee down because it’s so used to bending, but even that would have been impossible before.  Not only was I able to sit like that with no support, I was able to pick up objects and move them to either side of me! 

Here is another interesting note.  The man who prayed for me said he felt the Lord was going back in time to heal me of something that had occured in the past.  I didn’t put it all together at the time, but I know that what he discerned is directly related to the part of my body that is getting better now!  How good is our God?!  He is more than good and faithful! 

My mom used to rub my leg with oil, praying for God to heal it.  That was a long time ago to us.  But to God, who lives outside of time, those prayers are as fresh in His ears as when she first prayed them.  He hasn’t forgotten.  He hears our prayers long after we’ve prayed them and He is faithful.

I’m sure that all of us have unanswered prayers out there in the faith realm.  Be encouraged not to give up on them being answered.  The amount of time that has passed is unimportant.  Keep seeking Him and His presence.  It’s not always possible for us to see what God is doing when we are with Him, but if we remain in Him and He in us, the things that we believe for will come to pass.

  1. John 15:7 (Whole Chapter)
    If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

One thought on “A God Not Bound By Time

  1. Thank you so much for this. I too have noticed that God’s healing may not come at the time or in the way we think it should but it does come. over the last four years of not being able to walk like I use to and people praying for me, I would have times of frustration with this until I am able to take a step back and see how much God has allowed me to heal spiritually, mentally , and emotionally in those four years by forcing me to have to “Be Still”. God Is AWESOME!

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