1. John 3:28 (Whole Chapter)
    You yourselves are my witnesses [you personally bear me out] that I stated, I am not the Christ (the Anointed One, the Messiah), but I have [only] been sent before Him [in advance of Him, to be His appointed forerunner, His messenger, His announcer]. [Mal 3:1 ]

John the Baptist could have just as easily been called John the Forerunner.  Forerunners are those God appoints in the Body of Christ to announce to the rest of us some way in which God is about to show up or something God is about to do.  Often forerunners actually experience these things first.  Sometimes, as in the case of John, forerunners are looked at strangely because they are speaking prophetically, by faith, things that obviously have not yet occurred.

My cousin, Karen, is a prophetic forerunner.  When she heard me declare that I would someday run a marathon, she started training so she could run with me! (See “Running Together”  August)  She’s been running, and telling everyone who would listen, that I’ll be running too.  Every time she runs, she uses it as intercession for me.  How cool is that! It gets even better!

 Yesterday, she ran her first marathon!  CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!    Medicine Park

The race was held in the Wichita Mountains (a place we frequented as children) in a place called Medicine Park.  The race was run in the wildlife refuge amongst the buffalo.  She was actually told that if she wore her IPOD, the park would not be responsible if she got run over by a buffalo!  Medicine Park was named after Medicine Creek.  The Commanche Indians believed the creek had healing powers. 

Karen is half Commanche Indian.  I can’t help but believe that God used this Commanche Indian to run in the same place as her ancestors declaring by her actions of faith the True Source of all healing.  Only He can put these incredible circumstances together and he can only do it as we give Him the opportunitiy by saying “Yes!” to Him!


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