Happy November!

I love November!  The air is crisp and the trees are really starting to show off here in North Carolina.  The leaves are having their last hurrah before they die and fall to the ground. 

God loves seasons and changes.  He’s seems to always be doing a new thing.  He blesses, things grow, and  if tended to, they flourish and become beautiful.  Eventually they die, fall off, and there is a waiting season before the new thing emerges.  It is essential for us to be in tune with the times and seasons of God.  If not, we are likely to waste a lot time trying to hold onto something that was truly of God but whose season has past, or fretting and despairing in the winter season because we don’t recognize it for what it is; something that will pass.  There is even danger that if we don’t understand seasons that we will come to expect eternal springtime or get so caught up in the joys of summer that we don’t use that time to prepare for winter.

 Each season has its own beauty.  I lived in Ohio for a few years.  The winters there are exceptionally long and are,  at times, hard to endure.  I remember one time, though, that the barren trees were sparkling with the ice that had covered them the night before.  I felt that the Lord was speaking to me through His beautiful creation that even in the most barren seasons of our lives He makes things beautiful when we make room for Him to work.

As the seasons are changing in the natural, take time to discern what season God has you in spiritually.  Sometimes just knowing the season you are in brings peace and a deeper understanding of your circumstances.  Most importantly, remember that God is in control of all seasons and times.  The seasons may change often, but He remains steadfast in His character.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (Whole Chapter)
He has made everything beautiful in its time…


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