Days of Sorrow/Days of Destiny

I know it has been a while since I checked in.  It’s been even crazier than usual at my house.  My six year old has had some problems that were keeping me really busy.  He needs occupational and physical therapy, so I’ve dropped out for a while so that he can go.  That turned out to be a really good move because right after Thanksgiving I started home schooling my fourteen year old again.

 So, my life looks nothing like it did just a few weeks ago!  Again, I’m being stretched and challenged in every way.  Just when I thought I was at the breaking point, my friend called for prayer.  Her friend is dying from complications of paralysis after twenty years.  My heart sank.  There are more people that we’ve prayed for that die than get well.  I felt the little bit of wind that I had left in my sail, flow right out.  Praise God for friends who intercede.  My friends prayed, and the discouragement lifted and I was finally able to pray again.

Then I read the news about the shootings at YWAM and New Life in Colorado.  It hit hard.  Maybe it was the reality check that I needed.  As followers of Christ, we only live and die to bring God glory.  These other things, as difficult as they can be, are very short term. 

 My heart is broken and that’s OK.  God is near to the broken hearted.  The seeds of Life take root easily in ground that has been broken open, and they grow as they are watered by the tears of prayer that we pour out.  We live in times of much warfare and many sorrows, but these are the kind of times that God can use to draw people to Himself and show Himself mighty. 

It is more important than ever that we surround ourselves and each other with prayer and encouragement.  It is time to take our places.  This is the time we’ve been born for, and the hour to fulfill the destinies that God has given us both individually and corporately.  Don’t look back and don’t give up!

 Passage Isaiah 50:7:

    7 Because the Sovereign LORD helps me,
       I will not be disgraced.
       Therefore have I set my face like flint,
       and I know I will not be put to shame.


One thought on “Days of Sorrow/Days of Destiny

  1. Alive and well beyond Colorado !

    Lives are broken, we now see evil again face to face. We feel its insanity………..Have we seen the same when Jesus hung on that cross? Beaten, bleeding and bruised evil struck. Three days later God struck back, the stone was rolled away and Jesus conqured evil, sin and death. Not for Himself for it was impossible for death to have a grip on this sinless one. He conqured death for us, for all who will taste death one day. Those in the church and at YWAM who were downed by gunfire are alive and well. They shall soon come again with Jesus(Revelation 19) . They shall be seen again…….alive and well forever…even as they are now.
    May the Spirit of God rage with a message of Grace and hope, may He reveal the once dead now alive forever Savior Jesus to all who look into this pain.

    Kelly thanks for letting Jesus shine way beyond your pain…….tell my little brother Josiah my prayers are with him

    Russ Dizdar

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