Party Cont’d

OK, so it started as more of a fiasco than a fiesta, but it go better.  First, we realized that we had to go to an entirely different place than the airport to get our puppy.  I got directions, got the kids, including a neighbor who came along to see the puppy, and had Ryan follow with the SUV to accomadate  our friends, their luggage and the puppy’s crate.  We were off.  Then I made a wrong turn and we had to stop for directions.  No problem.  It was only two lights up.  Then we made it to The Billy Graham Parkway and found the street to turn on.  We followed it almost to uptown Charlotte.  We were in a bit of a shady neighborhood, got nervous and pulled over to call for directions.  Again.  Apparently I made a teeny mistake.  I got north and south mixed up. 

Stop laughing.  It could happen to anyone.  Fine.  So it’s slightly more likely to happen when I’m involved.  (See Life is  A Highway – September- to read about the last episode of Kelly, Dina, and the airport.)  Anyway, we finally got to Delta’s cargo building.  We were even five minutes early.  We waited and waited and waited.

Meanwhile, Dina and Vince arrived from California, but Vince’s luggage did not.  More waiting.  They tried to call me, but I forgot my cell phone.  More waiting with tensions rising.

Finally, the puppy arrived.  He looks like a stuffed toy! 


 We piled into the cars and after several wrong turns made it back to the Billy Graham.  We finally got to Dina and Vince.  Vince was told to come back to the airport at 11:30 p.m. to get his luggage.  So Dina and I took the neighbor kid home and Ryan took Vince to get some clothes to eat out in.  We finally met up with everyone at the restaurant and got some long awaited nourishment. 




So there you go.  You never know what the journey will be like, but in the end, we get where we’re supposed to be and the frustrations and stress just become another one of our stories to tell, and the relationships we make along the way are what make it all worthwhile.


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