Hey, Mon!


I am writing you from the beautiful island of Jamaica.  It is home to what has to be the happiest people on Earth!  Where else in the world do you go through customs and the walls are painted pink, green, yellow and blue?

The most common phrase here is, “No problem, mon.”  The thing is, they really mean it!  There just isn’t much that gets these people upset.  And did I mention that it is beautiful?

Many of you know we are here as the guests of RBC Bank, but that I was praying for time and opprtunity to visit an orphanage.  God always answers bigger than we ask!  The bank hired a driver for Ryan and I since it is difficult to get me on a bus.  Well, wouldn’t you know the driver is an awesome brother in the Lord, and not only offered to drive us to the orphanage on a Sunday, but also wants us to speak at his church and go pray for the children at the hospital where his wife works! Please pray with us tomorrow as we join God on this adventure!

We just got back from rafting down a river, but the best part was praying there and back with our driver!  Isn’t God just too cool?

Well, I’m off to the beach now, but will let you know as soon as possible what God does tomorrow!


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