One Day in Paradise

2 Peter 3:8
But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

I am in awe of our God!  What He did in one day while we were in Jamaica, I couldn’t have accomplished in a thousand days on my own.  That is what makes Him God.  He is able to do anything!  I think I’ll be writing about this trip to Jamaica for a long time, but for now I have to give you the overview of what He did on Sunday.

God has put the care of orphans on my heart for years, and I’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to step out. So, when I learned that Ryan won this trip to Jamaica I searched the Internet for orphanages in the Montego Bay area and found that Blossom Garden children’s home is just minutes from the resort we would be staying in. 

When we realized that it would cost $100.00 per hour to get a car to take us, we weren’t so sure we would be going.  Then God providentially connected us to a godly man, Ron Lawrence.  He was our driver to dinner on Friday night.  We talked to him, and he offered to drive us free of charge (we would only have to pay for the use of the car)!  So for $150.00 we could use the car all day!  We were thrilled! 

To make it even better, Ron picked us up and took us to his church.  It was incredible!  These people had enormous faith and it was such a blessing to be able to worship with them.  They allowed us to give our testimony as well, so by the time we left, we had many new friends!

Next we went to Blossom Garden.  It is a small, one story building nestled in the hills above Montego Bay.  Inside it was brightly painted, though poorly lit.  The first room we saw had ten cribs and eleven sleeping newborns.  One woke up, so we asked to hold him.  His name is Christopher, and he has got to be one of the happiest newborns I’ve ever seen!  As soon as he saw us he broke out into an enormous smile!  I’m beginning to think Jamaicans have a happy gene!  Christopher was quite congested and we were told that he suffers from asthma, but it has not affected this baby’s joy at all!!

Next we went to the toddlers.  I think there were twenty-two and most of them were sleeping.  Most of them are quite small, since they have very little protein (if any) in their diet.  There was one unusually big baby.  We were told that he had been found two days after his birth under a bush, and so they call him Moses.  Several of the children in that room were paralyzed.  We prayed for as many as we could reach before we went onto the porch.

There were three baby girls playing on rocking toys and an older autistic boy.  I was told to be careful because he can be rough, and has been known to bite.  He came to me and put his head in my lap.  He stayed there as I stroked his head, talking to him and praying over him.  I hated to leave him, but we had to move on.

We went out to the play yard.  The one thing Ryan kept saying was that he felt so much better knowing the children were getting lots of sunshine and good air.  They all wanted to be held and talked to.  We had a good time just loving on them before we went to see the oldest children, up to age seven.  They were all watching a video in their room.  They all wanted to be held, too, and seemed especially excited to have a man to play with.

We were told that the greatest need at Blossom Garden is for diapers, but it wasn’t until well into the visit that I really understood how great the need is.  The babies do not have enough diapers to get changed every day.  They get one diaper about every other  day.  They also have need of formula and food.

I left determined that these babies would have diapers.  I was getting too tired to stay out any longer, so we bought 300 diapers and asked Ron to deliver them.  Later that night, there was an awards dinner that we attended at the hotel.  During the cocktail hour, the CEO of Royal Bank of Canada invited Ryan and myself to join him at his table for dinner.  Ryan sat next to the CEO’s wife, and she asked what we done that afternoon.  So, he told her and she told her husband.  He then asked me to tell the table about it, and he promised that he would help the orphans.  Meanwhile a man from the next table talked to a lady I told about the babies and he came over and promised to help.

Then Scott, the CEO, stood up and welcomed everyone and then proceeded to tell about our trip to the orphanage.  He said that there would be baskets at the doors for anyone who wanted to give!  Suddenly, a man stood up and said, “Scott, can’t the bank match whatever is given?”  Scott agreed!

The next morning we left with our driver, Ron, and seventeen hundred dollars in cash to go shopping for diapers!  More money was still coming in, and the bank hadn’t even matched it yet!  We went to a big store that was a little like a Sam’s, and we bought tons and tons of diapers, four cases of formula, bibs, washcloths, disposable wipes, more diapers, shirts, onesies, notebooks for school, play-dough, jump ropes, more diapers, balls, balloons, baby bottles, ointment, baby wash, and more and more diapers!

We were very short on time, but managed to get everything and deliver it to Blossom Garden, hug the children, get some photos (coming soon) and make it to the airport by 11:00 a.m.!  Praise God and thanks to the big hearted people at RBC we accomplished what would have been impossible for us to do on our own!


One thought on “One Day in Paradise

  1. PRAISE GOD!!!! God is GOOD!!! I wish so much that I could have been there with you Kelly. I have prayed that one day God would allow me to go and visit an orphanage and spend time with kids and love on them and pray with them and just share Him with them. This is a dream of mine that I will never let go of. This is so Awesome!!! I am so excited just reading it. God is so GOOD!!!

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