Blossom Garden Video

Here is a video of the Blossom Garden Children’s Home. It was taken in December and shows some of the children who live there currently.


2 thoughts on “Blossom Garden Video

  1. I was looking thru my YouTube Videos and noticed one of my latest was linked to your website… Your story is amazing. Last June I went on a mission trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We stayed right in the “Bronx” of Montego Bay at Fairhaven Ministries located just outside of downtown Montego Bay and right across the street from the ocean. This trip changed my life. I went with a ( which is a Christian radio station in my area. This year we are planning a trip to Honduras to serve. But I will NEVER forget Montego Bay, Jamaica. You should look into Fairhaven Ministries… I am good friends with Mary and Pastor Dave who run this ministry. It’s a place for missionaries and mission groups to stay. Awesome ministry. They house you, feed you and make the connections you need to do your ministry work – including Blossom Garden Orphanage – of which we visited twice in our 10 day stay. I fell in love with a little girl, Makeda, and really wanted to adopt her – but knew the timing was right. Genus Brown from the orphanage also said that she was not available for adoption anyway… which makes me sad 😦 Our group of 23 also brought Blossom Garden 450 pounds of clothing we had taken from the States as well as cough and cold medicine, baby lotion and shampoo, and other needed products. Diapers was never mentioned, so I’m glad you were able to meet their needs in that way. We also visited several schools, a home for the disabled and a home for troubled boys – bringing the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. This trip was amazing. It has changed me and made me more like Christ. I honestly cannot wait to go w/ WaYfm and be one of the leaders of the trip for Honduras. Also a part of my heart was left in Montego Bay and I hope to make a return trip some time in the near or distant future. Feel free to check out more of my videos, I have several up from our trip 🙂 Also check out the blog I did while over there for WaYfm as I kept everyone – family, friends and WaYfm listeners – up to date while we were there… (Yes, Fairhaven has high speed internet.)

  2. My name is Amanda and my personal blog is:

    So glad to meet you!

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