Releasing the Seed

Yesterday I did something that I found to be scarier than I would have ever thought it would be.  I sent the completed manuscript of my book Walk It Out to the publisher.  Tate Publishing accepted it for publication back in October, and since then I’ve been finishing, proofreading, formatting and tweaking. 

I took the plunge yesterday and sent it off.  I felt like I was sending my baby off and wouldn’t see her again until she was grown. I’m sure Hannah felt a lot worse sending little Samuel off to be raised in the temple, but that is the image I’m seeing regarding our spiritual seeds.  The visions that God gives us must be prayed over, nurtured, carried then birthed and released.  They are not ours to keep.

I know we are in a season right now in which the seeds God has given us are going to seemingly grow up over night.  That’s what happened in Jamaica.  I’ve carried a burden for orphans for years.  I’ve prayed about it read about it, but never had the opportunity to really move on it.  Once the door opened, it’s as if the whole thing was born and grown all in one day!

It’s exciting to see what God does and yet, it’s a little unnerving knowing that what He does often changes everything about how we “do life”.  We’ve all been waiting for God to move.  He’s starting to do it.  Now He wants to know if we’re ready to be moved!


3 thoughts on “Releasing the Seed

  1. Kelly,
    I so know this unnerving feeling right now. I have wanted and prayed for God to move in my family for a long time. Some horrible things have happened over the years and feel like they only keep getting worse but lately it feels as if it has been for a bigger reason as if God is getting to His point of doing something Huge. I can’t wait to see what it is and can only continue to hope and pray in my heart but at the same time I am a little unnerved as to what it may be that it is going to take. This move is going to take a lot in our family. I want it to happen so pray God does open those doors.

  2. Very cool. God places burdens on our hearts for a reason. I share your passion for orphans and have since I was a child. Blossom Garden was my first contact with orphans. Now I’m going to Honduras with WaYfm again to serve orphans and children living out of a landfill – going this coming June.

    A ministry that I really support is the ministry Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, started… Shaohannah’s Hope. It’s an amazing ministry that significantly supports adoption and orphan care…

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