One Body

1 Corinthians 12:27
Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. 

Last week was an interesting week.  We worshipped with parts of the Body in our area we usually don’t get to be with.  Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.  A day traditionally set aside to repent of our sins and sort of take spiritual inventory as the season of Lent (the 40 days before Easter) begins.  We’ve been reading Exodus at home and I thought it would fit in perfectly with Passover.  It all seemed like a great idea, until my youngest choked on the wine and announced to the other worshippers that “The grape juice is rotten!”  My daughter and I started laughing.  We couldn’t help it!  No one else laughed, except the lady who had offered him the cup.  Honestly, I think it made her day.  Everyone else was probably slightly annoyed that now they would have to repent for being annoyed with us!

On Sunday we worshipped at a church that had guest psalmists.  It appeared that this church was a little new to non-traditional forms of worship.  They seemed genuinely delighted that the Lord responded so openly to their praise.  It was refreshing to observe.  I liked these people.  They really loved being there with God.  We were reacquainted with a few old friends and met some new ones as well.  It was fun. 

I want to carry in my heart the different aspects of God’s truth that various parts of the Body bring.  Some churches are better at remembering the cross and some are really good at remembering each other.  We have a church near us that really know how to bring in the lost and can celebrate baptisms like no one else!  We need each part individually and corporately.  Sometimes it is good to venture out of our comfort zones and embrace what God embraces in each of us.


One thought on “One Body

  1. Thank you for offering your thoughts on visiting churches. We have been seeking a church home here in Florida and it has been a challenge. I don’t like the criticism I hear in my head. You are right I should cherish every visit as a date visiting brothers and sisters in the Lord. We each worship uniquely, one way isn’t necessarily better than another, but different. And God likes variety, just look at my own family. Quite a colorful crew. Miss you, please keep in touch! -Nancy B.

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