In the Land of the Living

Psalm 27:13

13[What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!

What would have happened indeed?!  I know what would NOT have happened.  I would not have had the peace and joy of the Lord through the many trials I  have experienced.  I would not have my son, Josiah and the multitude of testimonies that I now have.

What about you?  What kind of blessings has the Lord poured out on you in this Earth?  What are you still waiting and believing for?

One of the biggest lies the enemy has convinced Christians to buy into is that they have to wait until they get to Heaven to experience God’s goodness.  If something is taking too long in human terms the lies start circulating in our heads.  “Well, maybe God meant we’d see that miracle in heaven.”  Then we become convinced of the lie and stop believing for what God has promised us here.

There are no miracles in Heaven.  Heaven doesn’t need miracles because Jesus reigns there.  This is where we need miracles; in the land of the living!  How many miraculous stories have you heard about God providing food for people when there was none?  Heidi Baker, a missonary in Africa, tells one such story.  They had one pot of beans and over two hundred orphans to feed.  Can you imagine her telling the hungry children, “Kids, don’t worry.  You will be fed plenty in Heaven.  Just be patient until then.”

That would be crazy!  No, they believed God for a miracle and He showed His goodness right then! God wants to show you His goodness today.  He wants you to have faith for that and more.  He wants you to have faith for others, too.  His heart is to pour out on the hurting and the lost and show Himself mighty through you as well as to you!

There is more goodness than we can imagine waiting to be poured out on us.  He is the answer to every cry of our heart and everything that we need.  When you believe it, you will see it in the land of the living!


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