Embrace the Cross

Right now I am in the thick of finishing the final edits for my first book Walk It Out.  When I have a project like this I tend to be hyper focused.  Already today, I’ve been on my computer for over three hours and it’s only 8 a.m.! 

This is the hardest part for me.   First of all, details aren’t my forte.  On top of that I’ve written and read this book so many times that sometimes I can’ t see the trees for the forrest, if I can use the inverse of an old saying.  And to make it just a little more interesting there are still times when I read it, that I have to just stop and cry.

Sometimes I wonder when I’ll stop crying over these things, and then I think again.  There is a part of me that doesn’t ever want to stop crying.  The healing of my heart has by and large been accomplished.  I’m not crying so much out of pain as I am out of tenderness. It’s something that happens when the Lord crushes us.  The wounds heal, but the heart is never the same.   

The more we allow God to break us, the more room in our hearts He has to touch us with His own feelings.  We start to experience the very emotions of Jesus.  We feel the love and compassion that He has for others.  We grieve over the sin and injustice that break His heart.  Not only that, we are filled with the pure joy of living that only comes from the Giver of Life.

The process is never what we expect or want, but the results are so worth the pain.  So I continue to live and write and cry and laugh as I embrace the cross that creates the way for all He wants me to be. Whatever cross you’ve been given, and however difficult it is, embrace it fully and get everything out of it that the Lord will give you.  It is a gift. The promises of God can never be fully realized until the cross is fully embraced.


One thought on “Embrace the Cross

  1. kelly, this was powerful…lisa s. told me to come here…so glad i did…wonderful…

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