God’s Collection

Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant (Romans 11:5)



I was driving with my six-year-old in  the car yesterday.  He talks non-stop and at times it’s all I can do to stay focused.  Just as I was enjoying a rare moment of silence he announced, “God has a collection.”

He had my attention now.  “Really?” asked knowing He had more to say.

“Yeah,” He continued, “He has a collection of people on the earth who worship Him.” He paused and added, “We are that people.”

I waited quietly.  I knew He was about to teach me something. Then he said, “That’s why God doesn’t like killing.  It takes away from His collection and He gets angry.”

In both of the scripture above, remnant is referring to the believers left after prophets were killed.  Somehow before, that fact had escaped me.  I wondered why God was speaking to me about this now, especially through a little child.

I opened my e-mail this morning and there was a letter from Voice of the Martyrs.  I read about our persecuted brothers and sisters, and thought about the many who give their lives for Jesus all over the world.  Josiah’s words reverberated in my spirit.  “We are that people.”  We are the only beings on this planet called to worship Jesus and and share His love with a hopeless generation.  We are the only ones who can bring Him glory on the earth.  The only way to be a part of the remnant is to lay down our lives- even unto death.

There is no other way and no other people.  We are God’s collection.  We are that people.


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