Jesus Commands Us to Go

I had a wonderful trip to California.  I had one God connection after another, enjoyed beyond blessed times with my sisters and brothers, and partnered with God as He poured out on His people. 

I am remindeed that there is always a blessing in the “going”.  It seems that we need to get away from what is familiar sometimes so that we can step into the things God has for us.  The going away helps us get out of ourselves and and our focus is shiffted from “us” to “them”.

If we stay in what is familiar we tend to become egocentric (selfish).  This is especially true in the church.  Sometimes even when we do get away we hold on so tightly to what is familiar that we can’t recieve what God has for us in different places and from different people.  It is so refreshing to get out of our comfort zone and give and recieve.

I particularly like airports.  It’s a great place to just open up and see what God does.  I had three “God appointments” going out and three coming in.  God was so good! 

I met two women, one on each end of the trip.  These were older, wiser moms who had loads of love and encouragement to share.  One of the reasons I went on the tip was to get a break and refuel in the “mothering department”. I feel like He sandwiched this trip with these two beautiful women as a Mother’s Day gift to me!

One man who pushed me through the airport spoke The Word to me the whole time!  I sat next to a Ukrainian believer on one flight and another man just overheard part of my testimony and he came over to get more information about my book so he could pass it on to his clients!

God was so good and now that I’m back home in the familiar struggles of every day life, I have fresh testimonies and encounters with which to encourage myself and others.  So, whether you go across the country or to the grocery store, go with an openness to give and receive and watch what God does!


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