On the Road Again

My daughter starts high school this year (Yikes!) at one of thse year ’round schools.  So this summer is going to be really short.  She begins school on July 29!  In light of that we decided to take a week to go to the beach and allow her to bring her two best friends.

We were all packed and ready to go.  The house was full of packed bags and giggly girls.  We were just waiting for my husband to come home from getting a small trailer to put the bags and my wheelchair in  so that there would be room for the extra kids and our Six month old bulldog and Saint Bernard. 

First we got news that the trailer would not work.  Ok.  We’d figure it out.  Then, on his way home, Ryan’s car broke down completely.  There was no way that he could take us.  So, I decided to take the kids myself.  I’ve never driven that far since I learned to drive again.  So it was a bit of an adventure, and very tiring, but the kids made it to the beach and they’re having fun!

Ryan will finally get his car out of the shop on Monday evening and join us with our oldes son and his friend and the two dogs.


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