One of the frustrating and scary things that has gone along with my paralysis is that I started losing sight in my right eye. My left eye has always been stronger.  I never even wore a contact in that eye.  But in  the last few years my right eye started going downhill fast.  It even got to a point that the doctor would not prescribe glasses, stating that it would only give me headaches and dizziness.  I’m still not sure I understand that, but the fact is, my eye just kept getting worse.

It was getting harder and harder to see with that right eye.  If something blocked my left eye, there was little I could see clearly.  The letter E on the eye chart was even starting to blur.  A contact was impossible for years because my left hand was paralyzed, but even with the return I’d gotten in it, contacts were very difficult to manage and when I did wear it, it was very uncomfortable for some reason and I could only keep it in for a short time.

Finally, I decided to look into laser surgery.  I called the best known place in Charlotte and went through the initial screening.  Unfortunately, I was turned away.  It took me months to get the courrage to try another place.  This time I got an appointment.  The tests and exams took over two hours.  I had so much astigmatism that it was difficult to get the readings that were needed.  Finally, after several people worked at it, we got what we needed and I was able to see the doctor.

He told me  that there was good news and bad news.  The bad news was that my eyesight was 20/300 and that because of the astigmatism it could only be corrected to 20/40 or 20/30 and that it may take two procedures.  I thought that that was great news!

I went in last Friday.  The procedure took all of 10 minutes and by Saturday I was seeing with 20/30 vision! I was and am thrilled!  I can’t believe how much I can see!  My eyesight should continue to improve some over the next several weeks.  There is still a little bluriness as the eye is still healing.

I’ve worked so hard to regain anything that I lost due to the paralysis.  The thought of losing my eyesight, even in one eye, was so scary and discouraging at times!  Even though this was no miracle, it was such an answer to prayer that I just can’t stop thanking God!! The surgery couldn’t have gone better and there has not even been any discomfort!  I am truly grateful and wanted to share my good news.  It’s hard to be a writer when your eyes are failing.  This means more to me than I can express.  Thanks God and thanks to Dr. Branner as well!


Luke 7:21 (Whole Chapter) 
In that very hour Jesus was healing many [people] of sicknesses and distressing bodily plagues and evil spirits, and to many who were blind He gave [a free, gracious, joy-giving gift of] sight.


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