Faith and Hope

I read a story this morning that gripped my heart.  Conjoined twins who were born to a teenager in England had to be separated on Christmas day.  The twins were named Faith and Hope.  Tragically, only one of the babies survived.  Hope died.  Hope’s lungs were not strong enough to support her.  The doctor put it like this, “The lungs of Faith were somehow supporting Hope.”

Tears came to my eyes as I realized the message in the lives of these precious babies.  We live in days and times that are causing people to search for hope.  People look in all kinds of places for it.  The fact is, though, that faith and hope are conjoined twins.  There is no hope outside faith in Jesus Christ.  It just can’t survive the traumas of this world.  It is faith that breathes life into hope.

I am struck by God’s amazing ways. He sent a beautiful baby at Christmas that was destined to die in order to bring a message of hope.  I pray that the family of Hope truly know what a miraculous little messenger they were blessed to behold.


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