Isaiah 24:15
Wherefore glorify ye the LORD in the fires.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, Ryan’s constant prayer was that God would be glorified both in our wedding and in our marriage.  I remember reminding him of that prayer when I was in the hospital.

Immediately after I became paralyzed, I was keenly aware that my responses were being closely watched.  My biggest concern was that people would mistakenly become angry with God.  I was so aware that I was His very real representative and that my response would either reflect His true character and bring Him honor, or reflect my own flesh and make it harder for others to see Him for who He is.

Most of us have been taught our whole Christian lives that we are Christ’s representatives on Earth, but it is even more magnified in the fires of trials and suffering.  Jesus said that we would all face tribulation.  I think it’s because in God’s economy tribulation gets a lot of  bang for the spiritual buck.  Most people understand the whole refining idea.  The  other side of the benefit is that, if we cooperate with the process, it gives God a chance to show Himself for who He really is while everyone is watching.  

If, while we are in the fire, we realize the opportunity we have to give God glory we will understand that it is an honor to know and serve such a wonderful God and we’ll be less likely to slip into self pity.  Tribulation will come.  Will He get glory from your response?


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