Modern Passover

I love this season of  Passover. I love remembering what God has done through the ages. He is faithful. I am in more awe at the magnificent plan of God every year. It is the celebration of Passover that reminds us that God covers His people. He will not leave us in the storms.

God made this very real to me as a child on April 10, 1979. On that day one of the largest tornadoes in recent history ripped through Wichita Falls, Texas destroying thousands of people’s homes and killing 42.  Our home was destroyed while my parents,grandmother, dog, brother and myself huddled in a closet.  The chimney fell into our living room.  If it had fallen just inches in a different direction we would have all been crushed.  A large cedar beam fell from the ceiling and slammed through the wall stopping just inches from where I sat. None of us even had a scratch.

It seems that every year I live I am increasingly aware that it was surely the Hand of God that protected us.  Just before the tornado hit, my mom handed a Bible to my brother and told him to read Psalm 91. Many people talk about the noise of that enormous storm, but honestly, the only thing I ever remember hearing was the sound of my mother’s prayers. Ironically, the tornado hit during Passover.

I look to that event as those in the Old Testament looked at the altars they built to commerate the Great things God had done for them so that future generations would know of the faithfulness of God.  So I write about this event and post the photos not to re-live a tragedy, but to show that God was faithful to His Word.  Everyone was hurt that day;  some more than others.  I mourn with those who lost more than just their homes.  Sometimes there is a bit of survivors guilt that makes it hard, but I must give God the glory for what He did that day for my family.

Sometimes the healing takes a long time.  The sting may never go away completely, but our God is a God of redemption and in the end, He makes all things beautiful.  For my family, the redemption came 28 years later with the birth of my brothers son Ethan on April 10, 2007.  God has given us something to rejoice over on a day that is referred to as Terrible Tuesday to all who knew of it.  Thank you Jesus, Our Redeemer for keeping us alive to see your redemption in the next generation.


The photos from left to right:

1. My street

2. My living room

3.  The four funnels just before they merged


3 thoughts on “Modern Passover

  1. Kelly, bless you! I will never for get that day! We got home and Mom and Dad were gone. We had no clue as to where they had gone. the friend that lived across the street was nice enough to come check on us for mom. He let us know what was going on. I was so little. I remember being scared. It was one of the longest nights of my life. I remember when Mom and Dad got home with you and chip I was so happy. As a little girl, that is how I remember it. I was so glad that my family was okay. I didn’t thank God then for the blessing he gave me but I truly am thinking him now. I didn’t know what a blessing he was giving me keeping you in my life. BOY! DO I KNOW NOW!!! Thank you God, MY Fatther! WHAT BLESSING!!!

  2. OK Kelly – this is interesting. I lived in Duncan, OK on Terrible Tuesday and my sister and her husband lived in Wichita Falls. My dad found a back way into the town to see if they were still alive because the roads were blocked and all telephone lines down. They had all been at K-Mart when it happened. Though the roof lifted up and came back down and every car in the lot was damaged (including the concrete block liquor store which was now missing) my sister, her husband and both their babies were fine. I was amazed at the damage and pondered in my heart about the TIMING of the tornado. Thanks for all you write about and keep it up. I would like to hear from you. I am a 54 year young grand-mother that is fully recovered from Multiple Sclerosis. No side effects left and no meds. Thanks to the Lord. God bless and KEEP WRITING. You are really hearing from the Lord.

  3. Wow! There are so many amazing stories surrounding “that day”. Thank you for sharing yours and thank you so much for the encouragement to keep writing. God bless you!!

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