A Time To Mourn

The Bible says that there are seasons for mourning. September 11 marks the most significant time of national mourning since my birth. It was so sudden and jarring, and for my family, very close to home. There are times, and this was one of them, that comfort cannot be found. There were no words to make us feel better, we simply had to mourn.

We had to feel the shock, and pain and vulnerability. We had to cry. We had to get angry at injustice. We had to hold onto each other and be held by God. I remember that part so well; holding on. In times like those, everything that we know is sort of up in the air, there is nothing we can do and our only recourse is to be. We just have to be in pain and be together and as we cry out to God we find that He is not expecting anything more of us and is perfectly willing to just be with us too.

When we can just be with Him, something changes. The circumstances don’t, but somehow, eventually, the edges are softened, our hearts are calmed and at some point we start to hear that still, small, voice once again and we gain strength for the next moment. Mourning is a slow and tedious process but if we give in to the process, we find that the process works. It is the vehicle we have been given to bring us from shock and despair to celebrating life again.

Today we remember what happened and the people we lost but we are not mourning in the same way. Other times of mourning will come. They always do. In the mean time, we need to enjoy the seasons we are in and always spend time just being with God so that we know instictively where to go when we are blinded by pain.

Psalm 56:8:

8 You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.


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