Strength for the Battles

Judges 3:2
He did this to teach warfare to generations of Israelites who had no experience in battle.

Hmmmm.  So that really messes with any “feel good, life should be easy as a Christian” kind of false teaching! God Himself allowed His people to be surrounded by their enemies for a time to teach then how to fight. Just about everyone I’ve talked to lately that is pursuing the Kingdom of God is in intense battles right now.  Notice that is battles, with an “s”.  It can be exhausting and unrelenting.  It is so tempting to want to believe the “feel good” theologies because we really want to a way out of it at times.  Some of us are clearly called to more battles than others.  I heard one brother speak last week who said that he knew that being a warrior was very much part of His identity in the spirit and that if he went too long without a real battle he gets bored.

I can relate to that.  My very name, Kelly, means warrior!  I feel comfortable, for the most part, when engaged in spiritual warfare. Sometimes though, in extended and multiple battles, I just want a break!  Sometimes I complain that there is just too much warfare!   Then when I hear myself, I realize how utterly ridiculous I sound.  All Believers are, by very nature of our relationship to Jesus, in spiritual battle with The Enemy of God.  What kind of soldier says, “There is just too much warfare in this battle I volunteered to fight!” ?

Paul said this, 2 Timothy 2:4
“Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them.”

This is a key.  When I start feeling the , “There are too many bullets being shot at me!” thoughts brewing in my soul, then I can bet that I am thinking more like a civilian than a soldier.  Good soldiers don’t back away from battles, they listen for the orders and run right into them!  In college I studied a lot of Medieval literature. I loved the whole idea of knights in shining armor who were completely dedicated to their King.  There is nothing they wouldn’t do, no amount of danger they wouldn’t risk for the love and honor of their king.

How much greater a King we serve!  He is so worthy of anything and everything we could give Him!  For His honor we must not grow weary!  For the love of our Risen King we must face every battle knowing that there is no sacrifice too great because He has already made the greatest sacrifice. More is being accomplished than what we can see and at some point we will see that it was all worth it on so many levels!  So if you are battle weary too, get alone with the King.  In His presence is the strength and courage to fight on.

2 Timothy 2:3 “Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”


6 thoughts on “Strength for the Battles

  1. I am a warrior who is not on the field alone – even though it seems I am only surround by the enemy. Today I am holding on to Isaiah 41:13 as I remain on the field.

  2. Great post, Kelly! And LOVE the Rugby photos! Your left arm has gotten so much more muscle definition. You have to get someone to video a game and post it on youtube! Love you much!

  3. This truly is the Good News of The Gospel! Thank you for sharing. I am encouraged by what you have written and it brings me strength in the midst of my own battles. I pray that you too would be increasingly encouraged in the Lord today in every battle that arises. Blessings and peace to you my friend. Love, Heather

    P.s. You remind me of Paul the apostle:)

  4. Wow! I’m not sure I deserve that kind of compliment but I humbly receive it and thank you very much! I’m so glad we found each other!

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