The Kingdom of God with a Side of Salsa

This week I had a really bad day.  It was sort of the culmination of a lot of bad days I had been trying to skip over.  There was no skipping it this time.  I was bummed.  So much so that my husband knew there was nothing he could do to console me so he said, “Let’s go out for Mexican food.”  I really didn’t feel like going but I knew he was right.  I had to at least try to get cheered up. What I really wanted was to meet with and fellowship with other believers but since that was not an option, Mexican food would have to suffice.  So we grabbed Josiah and piled into the car.

It quickly became apparent that Josiah was feeling even worse than I.  He sees no reason to keep it to himself when he is sad so we listened to a litany of his woes and had faith that Mexican food would cure his sadness and mine at the same time.  When we got to our frequented establishment we were surprised to see that they now had a singer every Wednesday night.  I thought this could be very good or really annoying, depending on the skill of the musician.

We sat down and Arturo, the singer, proceeded to entertain the patrons.  He wasn’t bad.  We ordered our food and looked up to find Arturo at our table!  He asked if he could sit down with us.  We obliged, as much out of curiosity as anything else.  He complimented us on our family and then said with a thick accent, “Your son is the most amazing thing that has happened in this place in four years.”  Honestly, I was shocked, confused and curious all at once.  He then looked at Josiah and said, “You must listen to me.  God has amazing plans for you.”  He then continued to speak to Josiah about God’s plans for him.  I sat there with tears running down my cheeks thinking, “If you had any idea what this boy has been through…”

Josiah grinned and Arturo went off to dedicate a song to us.  We ate our meal and then Josiah got up and danced to one of Arturo’s songs.  The whole restaurant  was smiling and applauding.  Where there had been sadness and loneliness there was joy and laughter!  Arturo was so pleased that he tipped Josiah!  We waited at length for our check and finally the waiter came to tell us that our bill had already been paid.  On our way out Arturo hugged and kissed us all and asked us to call him so we could get together for prayer!

We left that place completely different from how we entered, not because of the amazing powers of Mexican food, but because of the amazing power of God to bring His Kingdom anywhere His people are willing to let Him.  That is how His true church operates!

Matthew 10:7
7And as you go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand!


18 thoughts on “The Kingdom of God with a Side of Salsa

  1. That was great, Kelly! God loves Josiah! HE will continue to provide opportunities and words for Josiah. I wish I could have seen Josiah dance…
    Love to all the Tylers! ~Dorthy

  2. Thanks Dorthy!! I tried to upload a video of him dancing but I was not successful. Maybe Josiah can teach me how to do it.

  3. God is amazing. Thanks Ryan for getting your family out of the house.
    Kelly thanks for always sharing and being an amazing encouragement
    to me and so many people.

    Love, Susan

  4. Happy are the people who know the festal shout, who walk, O Lord, in the light of Your countenance. Psalm 89:15 Thanks for sharing this incredible beam of God’s glory. May we all experience and walk in the light of God’s countenance.

  5. What a beautiful verse! It makes me think of the light on your countenance the last time I saw you. I miss you as always!

  6. Hi, Kelly. I just discovered a few weeks ago that we have a neighbor that is an author and I can’t wait to read your book (Barbara is going to let me borrow her copy). I have really enjoyed reading your blog and am so inspired by your faith and positive attitude. We love to see Josiah come by on his scooter. He’s such a beautiful child and my 2 1/2 year old thinks he’s the coolest thing ever. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow! What a wonderful surprise! I’d love to meet you sometime. Thanks so much for letting Josiah hang out with you guys. He LOVES this neighborhood. We have never lived in a place so friendly. 🙂

  8. How exciting, God is so good, praise Him. We are thanking and praising Jim for your complete healing!
    xox ynnie

  9. Kelly, thank you for this incredible post. Your writings always interest me, but this one grabbed my heart particularly hard when I really needed it. I love and appreciate you!

  10. Thank you, Sheila. I’m not entirely sure why but your comment made me tear up. There is just something precious about it…and you.

  11. Would really like to meet you too, Kelly. Maybe we can get together sometime when we’re down.

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