Blast From the Past: Casual Christian

I was scrolling around on You Tube recently and came across some of my favorite music from my teens.  Some of it made me laugh but a lot of it touched me as much as it did when I first heard it.  I came across DeGarmo and Key‘s music from their album (yes, I said album, as in LP) “Commander Sozo and the Charge of the Light Brigade” and one of my favorite songs “Casual Christian”.  That song was a bit of an anthem for me.  It spoke to me and my desire to really serve Jesus and not just go to church.

I have this very distinct memory of standing at my mom’s sink, looking out the window when something hit me and I started thinking about the huge amounts of people flooding into the local churches every week and it seemed that few of them were really that different from the world around us.  Maybe I was youthful and judgemental and maybe it was just my own personal aversion to the status quo but whatever it was, it caused me to literally cry out to God right there at the kitchen sink and beg Him to not let me become what I saw then as a “regular Christian”.

Still, my prayer is that God never allows me to become complacent and lose touch with what I am called to be as a Christian.  There is always so much more and there are so many people who need us to live lives of radical devotion to Jesus so that we can pour His love out to a lost and dying world. As the world around us shakes it will become more and more obvious that we are not of this world.  We are entering times of great opportunity.  Do not worry about the circumstances but use them and let God use you!


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