Angels on Assignment

Psalm 91:11 – For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways

Last Sunday around 11:30 a.m. I got one of those calls that every parent hopes to never get. My teen-aged daughter was crying hysterically and when she finally spoke all she could say was, “There has been a terrible accident.”  Then a good Samaritan took the phone and told me where she was located.  She was less than five minutes from home. I yelled for my son to get his dad who was on an international business Skype call.  I quickly told him where he could find Alexa and Josiah ran upstairs to Skype the client back and explain the situation.

I stayed on the phone the whole time praying and trying to calm my daughter and wondering how bad the situation could be.  I only hung up when she said, “Dad’s here.”

I later found out that she lost control of the car rounding a curve on the two-lane, country road near our house.  She tried to adjust but instead the vehicle flipped three times, went in and out of a ditch and landed in the woods. She had not been wearing a seatbelt. Somehow, the SUV landed on its tires and Alexa remained in the driver’s seat the whole time.

The windshield and passenger window and back window were blown out but not the window near her nor the sunroof.  She walked out of the car without a scratch and never even bumped her head, though her purse was found twenty feet away from the car. Fortunately no other people were involved in the wreck.

After having been at the scene of the accident and then to the hospital with Alexa where she was seen and released, my husband was quite undone.  He wept; a lot. Partly because he realized how close he’d come to losing a child but mostly because he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he had just seen evidence that God can and does supernaturally protect us.  He’d heard stories but he had never seen with his eyes this kind of supernatural intervention. This was the one time that he couldn’t doubt that God’s hand was the only explanation for a positive outcome of a certainly disastrous situation.

We have no idea why sometimes God protects and other times He allows bad things to happen, but what we do know is that God is both merciful and sovereign. He is the God of justice and the God of the second chance. He is capable of keeping and protecting no matter what happens.


7 thoughts on “Angels on Assignment

  1. It still makes me cry when I think about my little girl clinging to the steering wheel without a seatbelt on as the SUV did three revolutions as it rolled down a hill…and she somehow walks out of that vehicle without getting hurt…then I think about how impossible it was that glass didn’t hit her or her head go into the windshield or that she get thrown out or the trees it missed and how the little she was in was the best protected of anywhere on the vehicle..

    I loved that vehicle and saved it for her for years–it was the first and only year when Lexus used the Landcruiser as its base, a Lexus for my Alexa and built like a tank. I guess, it served its driver well here. I am so utterly thankful that God did what He did here and intervene in what was otherwise occuring– in this beautiful tapestry called life, so worth living when He is in it.

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