Touched By Daisy Love

ImageDaisy Love

Very rarely have I known of anyone who has had the kind of impact that this little eight-year-old girl has had on thousands and certainly on me. Daisy lived a life that was so full of the Spirit of God.  She lived, like Jesus, a selfless, thankful, joyful, painful and impactful life.

For us, we say that eight and a half years is surely not enough time, but I saw in this child something I have seen in few people of many more years. Daisy fully and completely fulfilled her destiny. I try to inspire people to that end but Daisy just did it. And she inspires us all.

Below is the link to her website where you will find her memorial service that was attended by thousands in person and many more via the internet.  The service is long but worth it, but if you must skip ahead, her dad’s  (and our pastor’s) sermon begins at 1:00. I dare you to meet Daisy and not be inspired to live your destiny more purposefully.


4 thoughts on “Touched By Daisy Love

  1. An amazing child and an amazing family. They’re steadfastness, enduring faith and transparency throughout the entirety of this journey is so inspiring. Britt makes a great point in his message at Daisy’s memorial service when he says, “Doubt is the birthplace of great faith.” In our darkest hours, when doubt seems the only thing that’s screaming in our ear, suddenly, God’s grace emerges and our faith stands strong.” Thank you for posting this for others to see. 🙂

  2. That was definitely one of the treasures to take home from that service. God is not bothered by our doubt or unfaithfulness. He meets it with grace and transforms it. That IS the Good News!

  3. Kelly, My sweet friend! Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Love your church, the people and the love. This has warmed my heart and so thankful you shared with me. Hope all yours are well and falling more in love with the Lord everyday. Love your writings and just hearing from you. Thanks sweetheart with lots of love to all



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