He is the God of Peace and even of the Pieces

Shattered-Glass-5So many times, and in so many ways, my life life has been shattered into countless pieces. It happens to everyone at some point. When it happens, and you are just staring in shock at what is left of your  heart, your life, your family, your body or whatever the case may be, it is really hard to imagine how to move forward. The definition of your life has just changed. Your dreams have just been crushed. It’s lonely and frightening. The only thing that you can possibly hold onto is something immovable. Something that has, somehow, made it through the storm intact and that can be counted on. There is nothing that truly fits that description, but there is one person who does. His name is Jesus.

Jesus will hold you through the storm, and when everything settles, even if there there is nothing left except pieces, He will be there. He cares even more than you do about every single piece, but what He knows, and you may not, is that He holds all your pieces and always has.  He won’t put things back together exactly as they were before. That is by design. Your life will never be the same. Your future will most likely go in a different direction, but as you rest in the God of peace, the pieces take shape and in His hands the new is even better than the old.

Here is what I’ve learned:

1. Mourning is essential. Get good at it and do it as often as necessary.

2. The future does not belong to us. Though we mourn what might have been, it was never ours, and it isn’t owed to us.

3. Brokenness is a good thing. God is near to the brokenhearted.

4. God can use and pour through broken vessels submitted to and set apart for Him. They are the vessels of honor.


2 Timothy 2:20-21

“…he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.”


9 thoughts on “He is the God of Peace and even of the Pieces

  1. Thanks for letting me know. You have encouraged me! I have such a heart for orphans. Just seeing the name of your blog was confirmation of things God has been speaking to me.

  2. Kelly, copied and sharing this with a beautiful woman like you who has M S and is in a wheelchair. I just met her a week ago and felt that your book and your writings would definitely encourage her. I miss you terribly and think of you often and share what a beautiful woman of God you are and such a wonderful encourager.

  3. Kelly, you are inspiring, strong, beautiful, admired and loved!!! I’m SO STINKING PROUD that the same bloodline runs through my veins that runs through yours!

  4. Hi Kelly. I have been reading your wonderful blogs and of the ways you and Ryan have taken the broken bread of your lives and fed so many people with the Body of Christ given for them. You are both beautiful people whom God is using mightily. Keep handing out that bread at this cyber communion rail. Love you both. Carl and Greta

  5. Carl,
    That is the most beutiful analogy of a blog I have ever imagined. I tank you with tears streaming down my face. I am so humbled and honored to have the privilege of offering Christ to people. God bless

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