The Ministry of Identification


Knowing who we are in Christ, understanding our true identity, is vital. It is from this firm foundation that we gain the confidence of a son or daughter and the intimacy of a friend of God. Without the understanding of our true identity we are left vulnerable to the lies and accusations of the enemy. If we do not know our true identity, we cannot use our God given authority and we will not be able to live the overcoming life Christ has won for us.

Without having a firm grasp on our identity, we cannot go to the next step which is identification. Jesus, fully understanding His sonship and authority did not stop there. It wasn’t enough that He ruled and reigned in Heavenly places. His heart was to bring us into relationship with The Father so we could know who we are too. Because of His great love for us, he laid aside His identity as King and humbled Himself and became a man.

He didn’t just come here to tell us about our sin and to point out our sickness. He didn’t come to us as one who was too good to be touched by our brokenness as if that would somehow defile Him. No! He came so fully confident in who He was that He identified with our sin and sickness and brokenness to the point of becoming our sin and sickness and brokenness on the cross.

The falsely religious distance themselves from those they view as “less fortunate” or “defiled”. They separate themselves saying, “God, I thank you that I am not like other men…” Luke 18:11

How many times have we done the same?  Who do you consider less? Do you lump people into categories like “the poor”, “the needy”, “the sick”, “the just too sinful”?  Are there people worthy of your “ministry” but not your friendship? In a way it’s no different than adolescents who only want to be seen with “the cool kids” as cringeworthy as that is!

This is a hard one for us humans. We want to think that somehow we are ok so we don’t like to identify with our own brokenness.

Jesus said in Revelation 3:17, “You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.”

We will never walk in the fullness of the resurrection until we fully embrace the cross – the place where we see our wretchedness and brokenness and identify with all of mankind as Jesus has done. Jesus said to take up your cross daily, not just once. Daily we are to die to our flesh and sin and insanely ridiculous pride (as if there is anything in us to be prideful about). If daily we do that, then daily we, like Christ, will identify with the brokenness of others as well.

We will never be able to categorize people again as if there are some people who are less in need of a savior than others. There is really no such thing as “privilege” or “less than” from God’s perspective. When He sees us, He sees us equally in need of a savior and equally in need of a new heart and equally loved by Him.

The cross is the great equalizer. When we embrace the cross we embrace everyone God created. We are not going to be the same in outward things but God doesn’t look on those things, man does. We are equal in our neediness before God and we are equal in His love toward us all.

Once we have true confidence in who we are in the eyes of our Father, we will identify with others in their pain and bring to them the hope and acceptance we have found in Jesus.


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