You Were There


Passion of Christ

It happened one night

In the middle of day.

On a hill they call Calvary.

They stripped me

Beat me

And hung me on a tree

Those were the least things they did,

You see, they hung me there

Not only in pain,

But also in shame and disgrace.

My Father couldn’t even look.

And as I hung there He Cried.

My friend, that is Hell.

I remember.

You were there,

But you didn’t hear me say, “I love you,”

You didn’t realize that I AM God

As you nailed my body to that cross.

copyright symbolKelly Tyler


One thought on “You Were There

  1. Love that! And to think of what He endured those three days in hell, they thought they had The Lamb but little did they know. All of that for us! It makes me realize that He really does understand what His children feel when they go through trials. He knows every tear that falls from our cheeks. What an honor for us to belong to Him. Unconditional love!

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