About Me


I grew up in the flattest part of Texas. I get nostalgic over cows and wheat fields,I have lived in New York City, Ohio, North Carolina and California. I’ve never thought of any one place as home. For me, home is in the heart of God.

I love Mexican food, trying new things, laughing out loud and being held when I cry. I love Jesus. I love Him for all He has done and who HeΒ is. I love Him because He laughs out loud and holds me when I cry.

I love connecting with people. My passion is to help others connect with God in an intimate way right in the middle of the world’s insanity. God is always speaking to us; reaching for us and moving on our behalf.

Life is a journey always shared, even if accidentally, but a lot more fun when it is shared on purpose. Join me on the journey!


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have no clue how i found your blog but it’s great! Isn’t it cool how God can take any “IT” that happens to us all and make it an awesome experience that we can’t imagine life without?! I pray the Lord blesses your life immensely as you have blessed other with your words and actions.

    Sinner Saved By Grace, Heather T

  2. I asked our friend Nancy how I could get in touch with you. I cried when I saw this website and read your amazing excerpts. You have always been one of the most beautiful people I have ever known, inside and out. You are such a light and inspiration!! I cannot wait to read this book!!

    Forever In Him and all my love!

  3. Kelly, WOW!! What a story. My cousin, Heather Craig, had told me of your story and lent me her copy of your book to read. She knew I needed it right now as I am living in Lubbock with my mother as she battles cancer. Strange thing is, I have come to realize, there really is no battle at all. “Thy will be done” is at the heart of everything, even cancer.

    I just finished reading a book to my mother called “Dying Grace” by R.B. Thieme, Jr. and we were both blessed. To see your progress and faith has inspired me even more to know my Lord and Savior more and more as each day passes. I have walked with Him for many years, but the last few months has brought a greater understanding of what He wants from me. The book I referred to above talks about the greatest treasure we DO get to take with us from this life to the next, as we usually hear the snipets of, “You never see a U-Haul behind a hearse”. Well, maybe not, but as believers we have the Word of God that if it is interwoven into our being goes with us from this life to the next. In fact, it is the ONLY eternal thing we have on this earth. What a revelation to me! It was compounded by your book and the understanding that the more of God’s Word that lies within us and is written on our hearts, the more grace we have to live and walk and even die when our time comes.

    Thank you! Thank you for being the wonderful example of what it means to walk through His grace. EVEN on the long hard days! We are still human and all have our ups and downs, but a blessing to know, “This too shall pass!” I know the Lord is going to continue to heal you one step at a time and I will follow and rejoice with you when you have all your full capabilities back in full swing. Praise the Lord!!

    Always His,

  4. Thank you for letting me in on what God is doing in your life. You have touched my heart and I know you have touched the heart of our Father.

  5. Thanks Kelly! So uplifting to be able to read while at work too! What scripture is the final verse in your latest blog from? Love you girl!! Cis

  6. That’s great that you could read at work! The scripture in the last post was from Psalm 63. Thanks for stopping by, we are due for a long chat very soon! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Kelly,
    I found your blog through my stats page (I’m always curious as to how people find me). I’ve only just glimpsed at your blog, but I can already tell how much you love Jesus! I look forward to reading more of your heart notes πŸ™‚
    Blessings to you,

  8. Kelly, you are such a blessing. Words cannot adequately express my admiration and appreciation for what you do through the power of God! Thank you for living out His plan for your life and sharing the journey with others. ❀ Kristina

  9. You are very kind Kristina. Thank you for your encouragement and for a good reason to find the password to my blog! I am pretty much a mess on wheels! LOL!!

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